Why bimodal IT kills your culture and adds complexity

I found this article interesting: Why bimodal IT kills your culture and adds complexity – via CIO

CIOs practicing bimodal IT are making a strategic mistake. They split their IT department’s focus and take their eye off of the crucial goal of winning new business in the digital age. That’s because creating a two-class system in which companies slowly builds stability in back-office systems while rapidly rolling out digital products does not support the broader business, process and organizational changes required to augment the customer experience, says Forrester Research.

“[Bimodal IT] works against the key principles of customer obsession,” says Sharyn Leaver, a Forrester analyst who counsels CIOs. “[Customer-led business technology] unanimously needs to be done in this connected way across every organization. Bimodal does the complete opposite of that, basically saying that we’re going to have two different organizations operating in very different ways and have different goals.” Companies must instead work quickly to put customers at the center of their technology strategy, Leaver says.

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